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Payroll & Labor



Intl Business

Private Individuals

Accounting Services

  • Analysis of budget and cash flow management
  • Comprehensive electronic bookkeeping of all categories
  • Preparation of all financial statements, balance sheets, reports, forecasts
  • Processing of bureaucratic transactions for the Public Tax Offices
  • Organization & supervision of your accounting department, either on-site or from our offices

Payroll & Labor Management

  • Payroll Management
  • Management of hiring, resignation, and termination procedures
  • Submission of all necessary documentation to the Department of Labor Inspection, OAED, employment & insurance organizations
  • Consulting regarding labor and insurance issues, severance pay, job subsides, etc.
  • Personnel training regarding accounting, tax, and labor issues

Tax Services

  • Preparation & electronic submission of all tax returns
  • Transferring tax of property, parental benefits, inheritances, etc.
  • Customized tax advice baased on the company's sector of operation
  • Ongoing tax consulting regarding potential tax benefits, new codes, etc.
  • Handling of tax audits and settlement of tax obligations

Legal Services

  • Management of company formation of all legal forms, as well as conversions, mergers, termination, and liquidation
  • Legal advisory through experienced partners specializing in civil, corporate, tax and labor justice
  • Preparation and composition of contracts & agreements of all corporate types
  • Submission of all necessary documentation to G.E.M.I, Prefectures, Chambers, etc.

Financial Services

  • Access to investment options through our partnership network
  • Elaborate assessment of development programs in order to determine maximum efficiency
  • Consulting regarding financing options through collaboration with various financial institutions
  • Composition of business plan and feasibility studies

Insurance Packages

  • Consulting regarding various insurance options (automotive, building, health, and life insurance) through our network of insurance affiliations
  • Preparation and submission of all necessary documentation

International Business

  • Establishment and formation of international companies and enterprises
  • Legal and financial advisory services relating to the organization and operation of an international company
  • Required document validation in conjunction with notary

Private Individuals

  • Preparation and electronic submission of tax returns (ex: income, property, lease contracts, etc.)
  • Guidance regarding tax liabilities based on current legislation
  • Debt reconstruction
  • Advising for presumption tax settlement
  • Counseling regarding labor and insurance related issues

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